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Face moisturizers

A face moisturizer is a lotion, balm, or cream emulsion enriched with emollients that nourish and hydrate the skin. A daily moisturizer nourishes the upper layers of the skin and locks in the moisture and nutrients while protecting them from environmental damage. There are various moisturizers available for different skin types.

Night cream

Unlike moisturizers, night cream as the name suggests is applied in the evening, ideally before going to bed. They are formulated in such a way that they regenerate, recover, and repair the skin from the day’s damage. These creams have a lot more to offer as compared to a regular moisturizer.

Face oil

Face oils are oil-based formulations designed to be used on the skin for moisture and hydration. They strengthen the outer layer of the skin and prevent water loss from the skin. These facial oils help complement the natural oil found on our skin. Face oils are often plant-based and are typically derived from flowers, leaves, or roots.

Instant moisturizer

An instant moisturizer is a potent formula that instantly hydrates and nourishes the skin instantly. These moisturizers are a boon for people who need instant hydration.

Creams & lotions

Creams are heavier and have more oil content and less water; whereas, lotions are lighter and have more water and less oil. Creams and lotions are both used to treat dry skin. Lotions are effective for normal to dry skin. Creams are beneficial for people with extremely dry skin.

Moisturizer with SPF

A moisturizer that also provides protection from the sun is known as a moisturizer with SPF. It provides the benefits of 2 products in one. It nourishes the skin and also provides protection from the sun.

Serums & essence

Face serums are lightweight skincare products that have a high concentration of skincare actives. They get quickly absorbed into the skin and are available in various types and purposes. Facial essences work as primers for moisturizers. They also have several other benefits like balancing the pH levels of the skin, hydrating skin, managing oil production, and much more.

With ceramides

Moisturizers with ceramides are beneficial for people who use chemical exfoliators, or harsh skin products on the skin. Ceramides are naturally found in the skin cells and are essential for retaining moisture on your skin and strengthening the barrier of the skin.

After shave moisturizers

An after-shave moisturizer is generally scented and alcohol-based. It helps calm irritated skin after shaving. It also disinfects any small nicks that occur while shaving. Shaving draws out all the moisture from the skin and after shave moisturizers help in re-hydrating the skin.

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