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Since more than three decades, Glint Cosmetics provides creative and progressive solutions for full cosmetics and personal care products. We provide end to end private label manufacturing services. Product packaging is customized to meet your specifications. We use organic and natural ingredients in our products as per the requirements of the customer product specifications. After considerable analysis, cosmetic products and essential oils are finalized and manufactured. These personal care products are created with the vast experience, knowledge and skills of our R & D team.

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Product Selection

Choosing products for your cosmetics & skincare line can be a time-consuming process. Our skilled sales executives, on the other hand, are available to help you through the procedure. They are trained to ask you the necessary questions, allowing you to quickly build your product options while also matching the needs of your clientele.

Package Selection

After you've decided on your products, your account executive will assist you in making your packaging decisions. We offer a complete onsite packing procedure showroom. If that sounds intimidating, don't worry; we'll make it easy for you. After you've answered some key questions about your budget and vision, your sales associate will assist you in selecting from a variety of packaging options to create an orderly, on-brand appearance.


After you've decided on your items and packaging, the following step is to talk about your brand. It is critical to understand your target shopper and the value of your company's brand. Even though it appears daunting, we will walk you through a simple branding brief containing a few simple and short questions about your business in order to create a style that matches you and is loved by your clients.


Following the selection of your branding, products, and packaging, the next stage is to design your packaging. At Glint, we take it far more seriously than simply affixing a logo to an existing label. It is the best design process for us to turn your Brand on your product line. Our new creative techniques are sensible and user-friendly, resulting in a fast thriving firm in the shortest amount of time conceivable.


Glint Cosmetics, one of the largest cosmetic manufacturers in India, is a full-service contract cosmetic manufacturing company that offers its services throughout India and
beyond. Our reputation as a prominent contract cosmetic producer in India due to our unwavering commitment to achieving maximum quality and innovation in design and
packaging at affordable costs. We are reputed for providing solutions for all budgets with maximum options and are instrumental for the success of the product in the market and acceptance by the end consumer.

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