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Bath & body care

Lotions & creams

Creams are heavier and have more oil content and less water; whereas, lotions are lighter and have more water and less oil. Creams and lotions are both used to treat dry skin. Lotions are effective for normal to dry skin. Creams are beneficial for people with extremely dry skin.

Body butter

Body butter has a thicker consistency as compared to creams and lotions. They are best suited for people with extremely dry skin types. Body butter is available in kokum butter, shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, coconut butter, olive butter, and almond butter.

Bath salt and powders

Bath salts are manmade water-soluble minerals that are added to the water while bathing which promotes relaxation and several other health and cosmetic benefits. They improve the cleaning experience, improve mood, reduce inflammation and relieve muscle aches. Bath powders not only cleanse your body but also exhibit exfoliating properties. They also help reduce acne and regulate oil production on the skin.


Shampoos help remove dirt, odor, sweat, oil, and other pollutants from the hair and scalp. Shampoos contain essential vitamins, oils, minerals, and other botanical extracts that stimulate the scalp and promote hair health. Shampoos can be regular, clarifying, protein-based, volumizing, moisturizing, natural, and organic.

Shower gels and body wash

Shower gels have a gel-based consistency and are not too runny, whereas body washes are thinner and runnier and have a dish wash or hand was like consistency. The main task of both these products is to clean the skin from dirt, dust, grime, and other impurities.

Bubble bath

A bubble bath has a consistency thicker than shower gels. This thick consistency is responsible for the bubbles. Bubble baths are available in scented and unscented types.

Exfoliating gels

Some shower gels have exfoliating granules that help remove dead skin cells and other impurities from the body. These gels not only exfoliate but also moisturize the skin.

Bath scrubs

Bath scrubs are mechanical exfoliants that remove dead skin cells from the upper layer of the skin. They have tiny particles that help boost skin cell turnover, which gives smoother and brighter skin and lessens acne breakouts.

Body and hand liquid soap

Body liquid soaps work similarly to shower gels. They help clean the skin from dirt, dust, grime, and other impurities. Liquid hand soaps are formulated to clean hands, remove all impurities and moisturize hands. They are available in different features like special formulations for children, opaque, glycerin-based, antibacterial, transparent, etc.


Soaps are water-soluble compounds that are used for cleaning purposes. Soaps can be glycerin-based, bathing soaps, kitchen soap, laundry soap, novelty soap, or medicated soap. Its main purpose is to clean the body from all impurities.

Shower gels and smoothies

Shower gels have a gel-based consistency and are not too runny. The main task of shower gel is to clean and moisturize the skin from dirt, dust, grime, and other impurities. Shower smoothies are creamy and whipped, made with decadent ingredients like cleansing clays and moisturizing butter.

Body bronzers

Body bronzers are a source of skin tone enhancement that help add color to your skin. These formulas are washable and buildable depending on your choice. They help enhance your current skin tone and provide a tan to the base of your skin.


Conditioner is a moisturizing agent that is made of hydrating substances and makes your hair softer and easy to manage. It protects the hair shaft from damage and other environmental pollutants. Conditioners are classified as rinse-out conditioners, leave-in conditioners, and deep conditioners.

Sun Care (UV filters)

Face sunscreen

Face sunscreen is formulated in a way that helps protect your skin from harmful UV rays. They protect you from tanning and premature aging. These formulations have different SPF (sun protection factor) ranging from SPF 15 to SPF 100.

Body sunscreen

Body sunscreen is thick or oily as compared to face sunscreen. The main function of this sunscreen is to prevent sun damage and sunburns. These formulations have different SPF (sun protection factor) ranging from SPF 15 to SPF 100.

Hybrid sunscreen with organic and inorganic UV filters

The primary function of any sunscreen is to filter and absorb ultraviolet radiation. Organic sunscreens use carbon-based compounds to reduce the effect of ultraviolet rays. Whereas, inorganic sunscreens use titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Mineral sunscreen

Mineral sunscreen, also known as a physical blocker is made up of zinc oxide, titanium oxide, or both. Mineral sunscreens are particularly beneficial in providing sun protection and reducing redness and inflammation related to acne and other sensitive skin conditions.

Sunscreen with moisturizer

A sunscreen that also provides protection from moisturizing the skin is called sunscreen with moisturizer. It provides the benefits of 2 products in one. It nourishes the skin and also provides protection from the sun.

Hair product with sunscreen

Just like your face and body needs protection from the sun, your hair does too. Hair products with SPF act like a protective shield and prevent your hair from becoming dry and brittle. These products also moisturize the scalp leaving your hair healthy.

Sunscreen with antioxidants and anti-aging

Sunscreens filled with antioxidants like vitamin C, niacinamide, vitamin E, retinol, resveratrol, etc. are some of the popular antioxidants used in sunscreens. When these powerful antioxidants come in a sunscreen they provide the benefits of anti-aging. 

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