Cosmeceuticals are products that have both cosmetic and therapeutic (medical or drug-like) effects, and are intended to have a beneficial effect on skin health and beauty. Like cosmetics, they are applied topically as creams or lotions but contain active ingredients that have an effect on skin cell function. In some cases, their action is limited to the skin surface (such as exfoliants), while others can penetrate to deeper levels, either enhancing or limiting normal skin functions.

variety of products

Skin Glowing and Lightening

Anti acne Cream

Cream / Lotion with Nutrition Touch

Anti Pollution

Anti Pigmentation Cream

Vericose Vein Ointment

Rinse Free / Water Less Face Wash

Instant Wrinkle Masking Gel

Various Serums

Turmeric Cream

Intimate Wash with Probiotics

Anti-ageing Cream / Serum

Hair Care & Anti-Hair Fall


Hair Strengthening

Collagen Based Cream

Peptides & Proteins

Nourishment Cream

Various Hair Oils

Concept Based


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