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Foaming face wash

As the name suggests, a foaming face wash is a face wash that foams upon adding water. These face washes remove excess oil from the skin’s surface and prevent acne formation. These face washes are best for oily, normal, and combination skin. These face washes are a lot better than soaps as they are a lot gentler than using soap. The light fluffiness of a foaming face wash truly gives you the feeling of a good old-fashioned clean.

Cleanser cream

A cream-based cleanser that is designed for dry, and sensitive skin, helps remove dust, and other impurities while maintaining the skin’s natural pH. Cleanser creams primarily contain emulsifiers, natural oils, and other hydrating substances that effectively lock in moisture, eliminate impurities, and prevent inflammation of the skin.

Pimple control face wash

As the name suggests, pimple control face washes purify the skin and restrict pimples. They clarify the skin, unclog pores, reduce inflammation and excess sebum, and dry out the existing pimples. These face washes possess anti-bacterial properties which help in giving clear skin.

Micellar water

Micellar water is a gentle face cleanser that helps remove dirt, makeup, excess oil, and other impurities from the skin. Micelles, the compound that forms Micellar water is highly functional at removing dirt, and oil and gives clear skin. It is not only gentle but also effective at toning the skin and cleaning the pores. It is alcohol-free and makes skin plump and hydrated.

Scrubs & exfoliations:

Face scrubs and exfoliants are essential in your skincare routine. Exfoliating your skin can help in removing dead skin cells from the face, promote blood circulation and boost collagen production. The main difference between scrubs & exfoliators is that a scrub has a creamy texture that has tiny exfoliating granules while an exfoliator is a chemical agent that is applied to the face to remove dead skin cells.

Facial wipes:

Facial wipes are a quick and easy alternative to your regular cleaning. They are a time-saver and can be used anytime and anywhere. They help remove dirt, makeup, and other impurities from the skin, on the go. Facial wipes are available in several variants including, cleansing wipes, moisturizing wipes, etc.

Makeup remover

Makeup removers are mainly responsible for cleaning makeup from the skin. It is essential to clean your face from makeup before going to bed as some cosmetics might clog your pores and cause acne breakouts.

Waterless face cleanser

Waterless face cleansers are a unique formula that helps get rid of impurities, dirt, and other foreign particles that can cause clogged pores without using water. These cleaners are easy to use as they can be used anytime and anywhere. It provides on-the-go rejuvenation and makes your skin clear and fresh.


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