Lip care

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Lip balms

Lip balms are wax-like substances that are applied topically to relieve dry and chapped lips. They contain moisturizing ingredients like petroleum jelly, Shea butter, or lanolin. The thin skin on the lips is vulnerable to a lot of environmental damage, thus lip balms are helpful in preventing the damage.

Lip scrub

Similar to body scrubs, lip scrubs are exfoliating formulas that remove the dead skin cells from the lips and make them appear even and softer. Lip scrubs are different from face and body scrubs as they are specially designed for sensitive skin on the lips.

Lip mask

Lips masks are cosmetic products that provide your lips with the ultimate level of nourishment. They are made with lip softening ingredients like butter, and oils and have a thicker consistency as compared to lip balms. They are available in cream, sheet, or clay form.

Lip gloss

A lip gloss is formulated to provide shine and color to your lips. They have a shiny or glossy texture that gives your lips a sheer tint. They are available in various forms – glittery, glossy, frosted, and metallic finish.

Lip oil

Lip oils are infused with a rich blend of nourishing oils that soothe, heal and repair the lips. They contain nourishing oils like jojoba, rosemary, rosehip, almond, and coconut oil. They can be tinted or sheer.

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