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Glint Aloe vera Massage Cream 500 Gm


This cream uses the goodness of this miracle plant from its natural source along with modern manufacturing process to offer you an excellent moisturizing Cream. Ideal for softening the skin, protecting it from sun damage and acting as a guard against skin aliments like dry skin, acne & itchy skin conditions.

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Use Aloe Vera is anti-inflammatory in nature. It helps heal scars, burns, wounds effectively
Herbal Natural Aloe Vera is a natural healing component
Extract Aloe‬ is a ‪‎healing component of nature
Smell & Feel Pleasant Aloe texture and smell
Skin Type For Normal Skin, Dry Skin, Oily Skin or Combination Skin.
Application Apply generously as you take a portion of the cream onto your palm.
Note Creams are generally better suited for dry skin and normal skin types than serums.

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